What environmental factors increase the risk of addiction?

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What environmental factors increase the risk of addiction?

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The home and the family. The influence of the home environment, especially during childhood, is a very important factor. Parents or older family members who abuse alcohol or drugs, or who manifest criminal behavior, may increase the risk that they will also develop problems with drugs.
Friends and schoolmates. Friends and acquaintances can have an increasing influence during adolescence. If these couples use drugs, they can convince even those who do not have risk factors to try them for the first time. School failure or lack of social skills can put a child at greater risk of consuming or becoming addicted to drugs.
What biological factors increase the risk of addiction?
Scientists estimate that genetic factors explain between 40 and 60 percent of a person's vulnerability to addiction. This includes the effects of environmental factors on the functioning and expression of a person's genes. Other factors include the stage of development and other medical conditions that a person may have. Adolescents and people with mental disorders have a higher risk of abuse and drug addiction than the general population.


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